TM "Tsvetnoy"
TM "Tsvetnoy"
hobbies | creativity | gifts | decor

We manufacture products for handicraft art, DIY and hobby

painting by numbers, diamond paintings, room boxes, ribbon embroidery, textile toys, wool paintings, cross-stitch embroidery, wooden construction kits, 3D painting puzzles, dreamcatcher kit

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Ribbon Embroidery
Satin ribbons, detailed instructions manual, embroidery patterns, frame
Wool Paintings
Frame with glass, photo instruction manual, gift box
Wooden Constriction Kits
They can move, play music, and light up
3-D Colouring Puzzles
Three-dimentional Wooden Puzzles with paints, and gift box

Launching new themes weekly
Our collections |
available in Europe and Russia wharehouses
Participation in exhibitions
It's a great opportunity to present our new collections, to introduce ourselves, and to form lasting relationships!

How can you work with us?
Choose the best option for you
Open a store
TM Tsvetnoy
starting from 10.000 Euros
Open your own store in the best mall of your city/town and make up over 1 000 Euros per month
Buy wholesale
from manufacturer
starting from 500 Euros
The broadest range available in Estonia
Shipping by any carrier within 24 hours
Online shop
Open for free
Download the catalogue to your site or social media account. Dropshipping: you do not have to buy goods before you have sold them.
What makes us the best
from products development to business model
We develop
Our company involves designers, artists, and other creative people, and develops products that inspire us
We manufacture
We manufacture the products in-house, or get thoroughly involved in the production cycle to ensure the right quality of our products
We sell
We sell our products in our own TM Tsvetnoy stores. We collect feedback from end consumers and from sales efficacy.
We scale
We offer you well-tried products and business models. We have corrected all mistakes to make sure you're getting only what's best.

We are in Instagram
Follow our new collections in our Instagram account
Meet us!
TM Tsvetnoy Team
International Business Director
Wholesale Purchase Manager
Retail Chain Manager
Online Manager
Marketplace Manager

Franchising Manager

Sales Networks Manager
Retail Chain Manager
Retail Chain Manager
Product Manager
SMM Manager

Warehouse Manager
Founders of TM Tsvetnoy are fully involved in the brand's management and development
International business development director
Procurement and sales management in Europe and the USA, product localization, international logistics and customs clearance, financial audit. Once you have an issue related to your cooperation with our International department, feel free to contact me directly. It is my pleasure to help you.
Sales Executive & IT Director
Sales Department and IT Infrastructure. Lead generation, marketing, ERP, web development, KPI, finance. If you have any complaints related to our department operation or your personal manager's work please fill out the form below and I will make sure to respond.
Executive ART Director & Retain Chain Executive
I supervise the retail chain management and new products development. Creating new collections, designing store concepts and exhibition stands, developing special offers and loyalty programs. Please send me your comments regarding products and retail stores.
Procurement & Manufacture Department Executive
I am in charge of products manufacture, supply management, shipment, and handling materials and products surplus. I oversight the technical infrastructure of manufacturing. Contact me if you have any questions related to your order compilation and shipment.

Contact the Executives
TM Tsvetnoy Executives will be happy to hear from you. Please send us your comments, suggestions, or complaints.
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Our Creative Community
Artists, Designers, Craftswomen, and Illustrators
Catalog 2020
Do you want to work with us?
If you are an artist, a designer, a craftswoman or an illustrator, hit this link...